Little Things Big Things is a vintage mobile specialty coffee trailer based in Torquay, the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria. 

We are not only focussing on serving delicious specialty coffee which is also roasted in Torquay and ethically sourced, but we also have amazing Chai (spices have been brewed separately for over a day before combined, this is seriously the best Chai out there!) as well as the most decadent brownie, bliss balls, real Ice Blocks and Manuko sweets. All our treats are vegan and gluten-free, mostly organic and taste sensational. All of our packagings are biodegradable and we're working hard on keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Little Things Big Things can be booked for your event or wedding!


Little Things Big Things was founded in Torquay, VIC by Stephen and Mandana Baker. Stephen has been working in the hospitality industry since the early 2000s and has been making coffee ever since. Specialty coffee soon became his career and passion and it was only a matter of time until he opened up his own cafe. Their son Amandus was born in 2015 in Melbourne. With a family that is spread within 3 different countries, the bakers are somewhat used to travel a lot - the mobile coffee trailer is a great way of accommodating that lifestyle whilst still having a consistent place to call home.

Mandana used to be a journalist before she left her original home in Germany and moved to Australia for good in 2012. Here she discovered her passion for Photography.​ Today Mandana is working as a professional family and wedding photographer and "a day in life" videographer. She is the one responsible for everything media, graphics and web design as well as managing the trailer when Stephen is making coffee.


"We are such a great team as we compliment each other very well. The caravan has been a long-time desire for us and we are so happy that, despite all odds, we invested all this time and money into this project. Sometimes it felt like it's never going to happen, but perseverance paid out in the end. It's been a long and stony road to get here. Because of that, the name Little Things Big Things was born." 

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Stephen: 0413 602 282

Mandana: 0491 019 068


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